About the Service

Ask Visa Questions gives you access to expert immigration legal advice for a fraction of the cost that law firms charge. Pay-as-you-need-it consultation service is a great alternative to a full-time lawyer and an excellent source for second opinions.

Ask your question now.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Pay as you go service allows you to ask questions as they come up
  • One $40 fee includes your 1st answer and a response to a follow up question
  • You can also have your completed, self-prepared Visa application reviewed

I no longer take on full cases, but if you decide, or I believe, that you would be better off retaining the services of an attorney, I’ll gladly provide you with referrals you can trust.

For Companies

For technology and scientific research companies, I will work with you on a case-by-case basis to help you develop strategies for hiring foreign professionals. Additionally, I will help you ensure compliance with federal immigration regulations.

About Judi

Throughout my 30-year immigration law career, I’ve helped numerous domestic and multinational corporations, academic institutions, and individuals achieve their business and personal goals while adhering to immigration and naturalization regulations.

Today, I’m carrying out this same devotion to helping those seeking professional development and career opportunities in the U.S. through Ask Visa Questions. Here, you can tap into my knowledge and experience on a question-by-question basis. If you feel like you need a full-time attorney on your case, or if I feel you do, I’ll refer you to one you can trust.

Client Testimonials

  • Judith kind of magic that happened to me. I ask question on the lawyer website and I got her. She is clear, Smart, she know her job. actually I wish I can have her working in my case. After I spoke with her , finally—I can sleep. She recommended me what to do in my case and I instruct my lawyer.

    – Avner

  • Judith Ludwic epitomizes competence and professionalism. I was privileged to work with her as her law clerk and associate and know her to be supremely knowledgeable about immigration law. She is a leader in the immigration bar on health care workers, having founded and served as president of AIHRE Her innate intellectual curiosity and flexibility to look outside the box at legal issues is exemplary. If there is a solution to your immigration issue, she will find it, and explain it to you in a concise and empathetic manner. I have great respect for her abilities to serve the public and the bar and endorse her without question as a lawyer, mentor and colleague.

    – Cynthia B. Rosenberg, Attorney

  • I can recommend Judith Ludwic to anyone because of several reasons:

    1. You are knowledgeable of the immigration law, you listen and understand your clients unique issues and concerns.
    2. You are very sincere, reliable and diligent to your profession
    3. You are personable, and approachable by everyone

    – Martha Dargbeh

  • This advice was extremely helpful. It is worth more than I am paying, however it’s as much as I can afford.

  • The answers were concise and expeditious, I really appreciate your expertise.

  • Very knowledgeable. Not always the news we want to hear, but honest answers are what we need!

  • Judith was a very devoted attorney who saw me all the way through from my J1 waiver to my adjustment of status.  She always answered all my questions and is a master in immigration law.  Feel confident asking her your immigration questions.

    – Dr. P. Khatri

  • I greatly appreciate the time taken to answer my question to my full satisfaction and in a timely manner. Thank You!

  • We had a situation with immigration that resulted in our Green Cards application being rejected. Judi took on the case and with her knowledge, contacts and perseverance managed to have the case reopened and we obtained our Green Cards. At all times we were treated with respect, kept informed of progress and given good advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Judi to anyone who wants a professional and caring lawyer.

    – Chris

  • I started using Judi as my lawyer in June 1998 when I first came to the US. Almost instantly, I received my work visa and after 2 and 1/2 years I had received my green card. It was effortless and I was always responded to quickly whenever I had a question.

    – Paul Peras

  • Judith, thank you so much for your help! Trying to navigate this process is difficult to figure and truth be told, a little scary. Your feedback helped a lot and I thank you for that!

  • Thanks so much for your precise answers. You were of a great help to my immigration matters. I will certainly choose you again for my future queries.

  • Judith Ludwic showed genuine concern for our situation. She made sure she had the right information, was forthright in her opinions and gave us the advice and help we needed to arrive at a positive outcome. Her expertise and attention to detail was invaluable.

    Thanks Judith, you’re the best!

  • Very fast response and very detailed as well…..I am impressed and highly recommend to anyone…..

  • She gave the answers that I needed and confirmed other rules that I was confused about.. It’s a big help for me and I figured out a solution.

  • In my many years in the States I have heard of many horror stories from my associates who needed immigration help, but did business with other firms. They either always asked for extra money without an explanation, or forgot to file certain forms. Judi was not like that at all, in fact Judi always told you what was what upfront, without holding any punches. Her professionalism held true but she also had much compassion and understanding for each particular case.

    – Paul Peras

  • Your response confirms what I had deduced from reading on the web, but your language was a heck of a lot easier to understand. Thanks!