About Judith N. Ludwic, Attorney at Law

Throughout my 30-year career as an immigration attorney in Washington, DC, I’ve been committed to helping domestic and multinational corporations, academic institutions and individuals achieve their business and personal goals while adhering to immigration and naturalization regulations.

My work has focused primarily on the filing of business and family non-immigrant visa petitions, immigrant visa petitions and applications for permanent residence or green cards.

I am proud of the fact that I continue to hold the respect of fellow attorneys and clients alike. My reputation as a leader in the field of immigration is a result of my strategic, no-nonsense approach that is in step with the clients I’ve worked with in the high technology research and development arena.

Today, my devotion to helping those seeking professional development and career opportunities in the U.S. is as strong as it was the day I graduated from the University of Detroit Law School. Through this site, you can tap into my knowledge and experience on a question-by-question basis. If you or I feel like a full-time attorney would best serve your case, I’ll be happy to refer you to one you can trust.