For Companies

I will work with you on a case-by-case basis to help you form immigration planning strategies and ensure your compliance with federal immigration regulations.

Immigration planning strategy

Let's say you've hired a talented research scientist who just finished her PhD. Then six months into her year of OPT, you decide that her skills are irreplaceable and you want to keep her. You need a plan to make that happen.

I will meet with you for an initial consultation to review the hiring scenario you face, then work with you to develop strategic options you can follow to make a successful hire.

I am no longer taking on full cases so my involvement will go no further than the strategic planning. But if you wish to have an attorney guide you the rest of the way, I’ll be happy to refer you to a specialist in the area of immigration you'll need.


As an employer, you're required to have all hires complete an I-9, which proves his or her identity and authorization to work. To meet public records compliance, you must maintain a file with all relevant documents, including the I-9, that can be turned over to CIS upon their request.

I will come into your office and review your compliance documents and filings to ensure that they meet federal guidelines.


If you represent a company and you have a simple question regarding the immigrant hiring process, I will be happy to answer it through the pay per question service on this site at the standard cost of $40 for an initial question & response plus a follow up question and response.

If you have a more complex scenario that needs individual attention and work, I will meet with you for an initial consultation fee of $150. After the consultation, I’ll consider the details of your situation and provide you with a cost for strategic planning, compliance assistance or both.