Services for Individuals

Pay as you go immigration advice

Ask me questions about the visa process for a much more cost-effective approach than retaining an attorney.

Review of prepared cases

Once you've prepared your application, it's a good idea to have it reviewed by an expert. But there aren't many attorneys out there who will do that for you if they haven't been working with you along the way. I will.

There's too much at stake to simply download the forms you need from the CIS website, fill them out, and collect your support documents. I will not only review your forms with an eye toward accuracy and completion, as well as your immigration history, but I’ll also discuss with you any potential issues I find that CIS may question.

How a review works

  • You fax or email all of your documents to me
  • I review all materials
  • If I have any questions, I will request the necessary information to answer them
  • Finally, I send you a complete analysis of steps to take to move forward with your case


$250 - a significant savings over the costs involved with retaining an attorney.


It is important to remember that the fees you pay to me only guarantee answers to your questions or a complete analysis of your application, depending on the service you pay for. It does not provide for additional legal advice after the fact, and you cannot name me as your legal representative.